Sunday, January 27, 2013

The suspense novel.

The creator  of the suspense novels  is Alfred Hitchcock. His most famous horror film was Psycho, in 1998.

In his horror films he use serial killers.

Alfred Hitchock for create more suspense, use a subjective camera to made the effect of that you are inside the film.

Comic relief.

The film directors use the comic relief, after a very nervous or scrary scene, to relax the person an prepare they brain for a other scary scene . They use a nice  dialogue or a funny scene. The comic relief is the only part of the film wath I  like, for this I prefer to see a comedy and not a horror film.

The psycological horror strory.

The strory of he tell-heart about a mad man there kill a old man  and  from psycological problems, confess that he was he murder and went to the jail even crazier.

The first writer from psycological horror strories (PHC) was Edgar Allan Poe. The first story that he wrote was The Black Cat and it was published in 1843.