Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bye, Bye ESO

Now has come the end of the obligatory secondary education. From the moment they open many doors and different outputs, I want to continue starting with the Batxillerato, I have clear ideas, no doubt. Now it study and train as much as possible, and fight for my future to be able to say to my future children I studied and because of that I have my work, tell them that I've earned my own, and serve as examples. Yet this can hardly believe it, that it's been four years, thinking that when I got to school I thought "FUAA and this four years!" but it happened so fast ...

The ESO was not easy and for that I am proud of myself to have reached till here and move on.

This is my last entry for that, from this moment begins a new life that begins with the Batxillerato... But now SUMMER!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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Saturday, June 8, 2013

New education sistem

Has reached the final stretch, there is little to stop the course two weeks and it's over and think that you have already spent a whole course, I still remember when was the first day first class all shy and confused and now we're done with it this year has been a good year class is nice, there is good relationship between all.

This English blog I liked much more than simply make some notes on the book, ha I could play with my recordings of voice, images, videos, songs. I learned to use "Edcanvas", "Blogger", "Twitter" and "Prezi" essential to present programs that are becoming more attractive and easy to use because everything can be done through a simple Internet Delivery Address.

At first I have to admit I was not enthusiastic about this whole issue of technology because I'm more classic in these things, but clearly I was wrong, a clear example is the blog, where you can write whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever and attaching the files you want ....

To think that a few decades ago there was no Internet.

My week in Hamburg

Audio recording >>

My summer

This summer I have to work in the business of waiter with my mother, my sister, my  brother-in addition to the chefs and other waiters, this job don't give me a lot of motivation  because and you have to be a lot of hours standing, but I doc it because in times of economic crises like the one that is provided happening in Spain  and parts of Europe the family must stay together at all.

Besides working go a week or two to Alemania to visit my grandparents and the rest of my family because I do not see it until Christmas

Friday, June 7, 2013


Found in Russia mammoth cells in good condition for possible cloning

Moscow. (EFE). - Russian scientists today announced the discovery of mammoth cells in good condition in the Siberian republic of Yakutia, which could pave the way for the cloning of extinct prehistoric animal that several thousand years ago.

"In a unique place nearly a hundred feet deep we managed to find ample material for investigation," Semyon Grigoriev, paleontological expedition leader Yana, 2012, quoted by Russian news agencies.

Among the remains found, Grigoriev mentioned "soft fatty tissues, wool and mammoth bone marrow."

In the expedition of Russian scientists also participated specialists from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Sweden and South Korea, says the note.
The discovery has already aroused the interest of the controversial South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk, an expert in animal cloning Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Romeo & Juliet - Edcanvas

The Romanov Family

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, Czar Nicholas II and his family are executed by the Bolsheviks, bringing an end to the three-century-old Romanov dynasty.

Crowned in 1896, Nicholas was neither trained nor inclined to rule, which did not help the autocracy he sought to preserve among a people desperate for change. The disastrous outcome of the Russo-Japanese War led to the Russian Revolution of 1905, which ended only after Nicholas approved a representative assembly--the Duma--and promised constitutional reforms. The czar soon retracted these concessions and repeatedly dissolved the Duma when it opposed him, contributing to the growing public support for the Bolsheviks and other revolutionary groups. In 1914, Nicholas led his country into another costly war--World War I--that Russia was ill-prepared to win. Discontent grew as food became scarce, soldiers became war weary and devastating defeats at the hands of Germany demonstrated the ineffectiveness of Russia under Nicholas.

In March 1917, revolution broke out on the streets of Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) and Nicholas was forced to abdicate his throne later that month. That November, the radical socialist Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, seized power in Russia from the provisional government, sued for peace with the Central Powers and set about establishing the world's first communist state. Civil war broke out in Russia in June 1918, and in July the anti-Bolshevik "White" Russian forces advanced on Yekaterinburg, where Nicholas and his family were located, during a campaign against the Bolshevik forces. Local authorities were ordered to prevent a rescue of the Romanovs, and after a secret meeting of the Yekaterinburg Soviet, a death sentence was passed on the imperial family.

Late on the night of July 16, Nicholas, Alexandra, their five children and four servants were ordered to dress quickly and go down to the cellar of the house in which they were being held. There, the family and servants were arranged in two rows for a photograph they were told was being taken to quell rumors that they had escaped. Suddenly, a dozen armed men burst into the room and gunned down the imperial family in a hail of gunfire. Those who were still breathing when the smoked cleared were stabbed to death.

The remains of Nicholas, Alexandra and three of their children were excavated in a forest near Yekaterinburg in 1991 and positively identified two years later using DNA fingerprinting. The Crown Prince Alexei and one Romanov daughter were not accounted for, fueling the persistent legend that Anastasia, the youngest Romanov daughter, had survived the execution of her family. Of the several "Anastasias" that surfaced in Europe in the decade after the Russian Revolution, Anna Anderson, who died in the United States in 1984, was the most convincing. In 1994, however, scientists used DNA to prove that Anna Anderson was not the czar's daughter but a Polish woman named Franziska Schanzkowska.

By studying the Russian Revolution I became interested in the history of the Romanov family and found this article, which left me shocked and could not understand how much macabra can kill the entire family in that basement, and there was a legend that Anastasia was a daughter of tzar who got uence, hence all adapted movies such as Disney.

I found this article  very interested and  I had to share on my blog as it has always interested me Russia and one of my goals is to go to Saint Petersburg and visit the Winter Palace.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My collection

Last year I started to collect old keys, from past  centuries. It all started one day when I  was walking in the attic and found an old hidden box next to  some old furniture, i opened it i can see old cutlery and two very old keys from the beginning of the last century. At that moment I began to like and who had so much history, since my house was built in 1665, dominated by the French in the war as military quartel to lose the war the French had to flee if i burned all that means those keys were in the hands of many historical characters.

I started with two and now I have 24, it's a unique collection and I love it ...

Funny experience in school

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My top songs

There are many old songs and example is "Bad day" though not modern songs of the moment, i chose this songs because they  relax me,  accompany me in examens week when  I study. My favourite is the first that gives me happiness and good vibes along with a nice melody and a very sweet voice