Sunday, January 26, 2014


My little cousin is 14 years old, her name is Eva Luna. She has long brown and brown eyes. She's very beautiful and very slim because she make a lot of sport. Her hobby is dance and actually she are in a chearleader team.

I have a very good relationahip wich her, but I only see my cousin twice in a year. When I stay in Germany we stay usually together. Sometimes we chat together wich WhatsApp or Skype. If I remember all the things that we do together I laugh and sometimes I'm sad because I miss her a lot. In summer we do a lot of activities, go to the city, go shopping...

Eva luna is my lovely cousin and a good friend and for all this I love her so much😊😊😊

Now when I remember those days when we were young tant, that's where I realize what we have grown and the time spent in those moments you would like to return for a moment to the past to feel those memories even more present