Monday, December 1, 2014


Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

Amy Cuddy is an American social psychologist known for her research on stereotyping and discrimination, emotions, power, nonverbal behavior, and the effects of social stimuli on hormone levels.
In her conference in TED she talks about Body language in relation with the hormone levels.

Amy also explains about how does efect the non verbal behavior in our studies or jobs. With our body language we express our internal feelings, it's very awesome that we do that unconsciously, then we can see the clear relation that we have with our minds and bodys. Maybe there exist some people than can fake they internal feelings,yet I think that to do that your need a lot of informayion about the theme and also practice.

Self Evaluation.

A few days days ago, I do an Oral Presentation  with my classmates Tània and angelina, about British Humuor in relation with the american Humor. 

When I do a Oral Presentation, I'm became shame, and nervous, i don't know why, but I think that I'm afraid to do some failures. Another problem in my Oral Presentation are my unclear speaking, I speak tu fast! And I don't know that that is terrible. I hope that in the next Presentation I improve some of the previous things.