Sunday, May 17, 2015

My English Competence in 2015

My best written evidence;postID=4461018049568875500;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=25;src=postname

My best oral evidence

I choose the  writing IS INTERNET MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE? because I think that I use a correct grammar and diferents connectors, Also I make a good opinion esay because I give some examples to boost my writing.

I choose this oral presentation of my TDR because I'm very proud of my work and it's a theme thats it's very nearly to me and I this gives my more self confident.

This are my best two evidence because I use a good and clear structure. And I also I use a correct grammar and a GOOD pronunciation in the oral presentation. Another important fact are the themes because This two are very interesting for my and I can make a good explanation.

My english progress from 2013-2015

When I compare the first writing with the last one I  see a lot of changes and I clear evolution. I see that I use better the grammar and the strucuture of my writings. Now I must improve and change the conectors since I use to much the typical one (but, because...) In this year I see a good evolution because I improve and boost my self confident and this is absolutely important.

A typical wrog think in my writing was the begining of the opinion writings (my opinion is... and now i begin with some questions or a little introduction)

In my oral presentation I also improve, I can see a better pronunciation and I became more safetY, but I also must improve my body language because I touch a lot my hair and my clothes.

Another important fact is my personal development, I can see that I boost my safety and I use a better and clear structure and organize better the content.

Now it's time to begin a new stage in my life and I must work hard in my English because it's absolutely important for my future, the best way is read books and whatch films and series. It's funny look this three years in this blog and how my English has change in this years.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Zara clothing removed for being sexist

They have already withdrawn two baby bodys from Zara stores for wearing sexist messages prints.

The child's body is blue and is the 'cool and smart' message and the body of girl pink is the 'beautiful and perfect' message. The Andalusian Centre of Non-Sexist Advertising has filed a complaint because "the design of these bodys company Zara is sexist because while the girl must look 'beautiful' the boy is 'intelligence'."

It's bad but this New is a clear example of the sexist ideas that are present in the currently society. I think that this messages in the bodys is a example for the little genaration to be sexist and dicriminate the womans. The best solution is denounce Zara because is a shame that nowadays in 21 century this happends.

'Pink Tide' against breast cancer

"Today the girls earn 'was what was read on the shirts of all women today running 7.2 kilometers in a maximum time of 1h 45m. 32,000 have been women who have participated in the race, one of the most important women's events in Europe and the popular race with more participation after the San Silvestre Vallecana.
The output was produced at 9: 00h from the Paseo de Moret and ended on Paseo de Camoes.

The Career of Women collaborates with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Of all registrations a donation to fight breast cancer is made.

I think that this type of events are very important to share the problems of cancer and how many womans are affected of this desease and die every year. Also this events gives power to the womans that are in this situation, and of course the importance of doing exercise.

Another important fact in this type of events are the donation that help in the investigation of breast cancer.

Mother's Day Cards For Cool Moms, Not Regular Moms

In Germany we celebrate the mother's day on the 10th of March, yes today! Here I post some of the funniest and special cards I ever see, my favourite is the first one and specially the sentences of the hamster because this happend in my life and also with my sister. My mother was a Hamster specialist after all our hamsters, hope your like it, I wish all the mother's around the world a wonderful and nice day, because moms are the only persons that loves you the 365 days of the year.

I'm very grateful for my mother, because she helps me in every stage of my life, she accepted all my decision, she was that person that guides my to the correct gate and for all of that I love you mum!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

SONG: Fire meet gasoline


"Fire Meet Gasoline"

It's dangerous to fall in love
But I want to burn with you tonight
Hurt me
There's two of us
Bristling with desire
The pleasure's pain and fire
Burn me

So come on
I'll take you on, take you on
I ache for love, ache for us
Why don't you come
Don't you come a little closer
So come on now
Strike the match, strike the match now
We're a perfect match, perfect somehow
We were meant for one another
Come a little closer

Flame you came to me
Fire meet gasoline
Fire meet gasoline
I'm burning alive
I can barely breathe
When you're here loving me
Fire meet gasoline
Fire meet gasoline
I got all I need
When you came after me
Fire meet gasoline
I'm burning alive
And I can barely breathe
When you're here loving me
Fire meet gasoline
Burn with me tonight

And we will fly
Like smoke darknin' the skies
I'm Eve, I want to try
Take a bite

So come on now
Strike the match, strike the match now
We're a perfect match, perfect somehow
We were meant for one another
Come a little closer


But it's a bad debt
Certain death
But I want what I want
And I gotta get it
When the fire dies
Darkened skies
Hot ash, dead match
Only smoke is left
It's a bad debt
Certain death
But I want what I want
And I got to get it
When the fire dies
Dark in the skies
Hot as a match
Only smoke is left


Burn with me tonight
Burn with me tonight
Burn with me tonight
Eh eh

Fire meet gasoline is the new song of the singer Sia, in my opinion after elastic heart it's one of the best song of that singer. One of the most special sing with Sia are the videoclips because they are very metaforical and rarely, but if you look the video you can understand a little bit of the porsonality of the song.

In this Videoclip appears Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal, they represent a couple. In this clip Heidi use the bed scenes to promote her new business, Heidi Klum intimates.

I chose this song because the first time I listen them I was in my bedroom checking social networks and when I listen the song i feel better. For my if a song doesn't make me sense a feeling is not good, because music must change your feelings from the first note to the less.

A detained in Indonesia for smuggling cockatoos that got into plastic bottles.

The Indonesian police have arrested a man suspected of smuggling of wildlife species. Agents found in his bag more than a dozen birds of an endangered species and were stuffed in plastic bottles, which he carried in his luggage.

The man of  37 years, was arrested when he landed in Surabaya, the second largest city of the Indonesian islands, on the island of Java. Birds, alive were hiding inside their bags, while stuffed into plastic bottles, as explained as the head of the criminal brigade, Aldy Sulaiman, told Time.

Photographs provided by the police show various birds almost suffocated trying to survive in a small space of plastic bottles.

The detainee was responsible for the trade in birds and to implement the system of drilling dramatic water bottles by the base and enter inside the birds for subsequent transfer by sea and illegal sale.

This new is a clear example of what  humans do for money, they use poor animals to sale they and take benefits. The sale progress is not the baddest thing in all that theme, the really hard fact is how they trasnport these animals, they put it into bottles, this is a very macabre and a clear situation of animal abuse. The only positive part of that is that every bird has survive, and the men is detained.

-Drilling: Perforació
-Subsequent: Posterior

Friday, May 8, 2015

Flight Germanwings 9525

9525 flight Germanwings (4U9525 / GWI9525) of March 24, 2015 was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by an Airbus A320-211. He left the airport of Barcelona-El Prat at 10:01 (CET) to Dusseldorf International Airport with 144 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 crew members. It crashed in the mountains of Estrop, in the French Alps of Provence, near the town of Barcelonnette. This is the worst catastrophe in European aviation in five years and the first casualty of a line of low cost Europea.3 Union in French and German authorities, and a spokesman for Germanwings have indicated that the fall of the aircraft was intentional.

In the morning of the 26th of March, the German, Spanish and French authorities announced that according to recordings of the black boxes recovered the previous day, the co-pilot (Andreas Lubitz) 27-year-old crashed the device voluntarily, because his emotional state of depression. The pilot gave the controls while going to the bathroom, when he returned, the co-pilot did not open the cab door (which can be opened only from the inside because of regulations after the attacks of September 11, 2001) and did not answer calls made from the control tower. Passengers were not aware of their situation until a few seconds before impact, when some screams were recorded by the passage.

This type of accidents are very badly because it's a lost of a high number of people, and specially this accident because it was the co-pilot that make crashed the plane because he was depressant. When this happend I always think how this can happend, because the pilots must pass some pshycological exams.

The reason why I chose this new is because This is the same journey if fly to germany every year, and this affects we because maybe I could have been inside this plane.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'ts the final countdown!!

We arrive now at the final stage of our batxillerat studies, after hard working we are at the end of our journey. After Batxillerat we see and meet the real life, That possible scare everyone because it's absolutely a change in our daily life. Now it's the moment to make us the question, and now what? This question is normal in this moments of our life because we are acusstomed to follow some rules and guidelines.

Some people have clear ideas what they would do and  already make all the planes of they future, this are the minority. Most of the students decide what they woul do in the last moment, and this could have a bad end.

To be happy in our life we must follow our espectation and dreams, this can be difficult but the reward of it,is what we must have be present in that moments when we are lost in our life, we must fight for our life!

3....2.....1......our life begin now!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Human Rights

Human rights are moral principles or norms that describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regularly protected aslegal rights in municipal and international law. Human Right are these right that we have for simple being a Human. They were created in 1948 by Eleanor Roosevelt and the Comission of the United Nations at the end of the second World War because millions of lifes were taken in wars or slavery.  There are 30 Human Right. Some example are; private property, education, health, freedom of speech and a lot of others.

Some of them are not applied in the currently society, a clear example is the education, because they are a lot of iliterate people in the world, another example is the Health that in the United States is private. Defenitely if everyone respect these rules or norms the world woul be a better place.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Can we live without mobile phones? Are we too dependent on them?

In the current society we use mobile phones every day, they are present all the time in our life. This constant using of mobile phones is the result of the technology evolution in this area. Few years ago the only use of them was call and message, but nowadays they cand do more: they can connect with our social networks, we can download a big diversity of apps, and a lot of other things. All this increase the using of phones and create an obsession, Nomophobia.

Live without mobile phones in the currently society is impossible because you need it gor your job, to be connected and for form part of the evolution of technology, in contrat if we were in another country without technology I think that we could live perfectly without mobile phones because nobody has one.

Defenitely, the using of mobile phones is related with the location and country you live, because if you live in a modern and prosperty land or city you probaly use more technology that a person that lives in a poor village.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Carrer Carribob nº12
Castelló d'Empúries
Girona 17486
20 th April 2015

Mariano Rajoy
Complejo de la Moncloa
28071 Madrid

Dear president Rajoy,

I'am writting to inform you of the bad situation of two of our Human Rights, Health an Education. I know that the economy situation Nowadays in Spain it's not in a very good moment, but I think that it's to highlight these two rights since they are symbols of prosperity an evolution.

This problem began in 2010 with the economical crisis, this worsened of the spanish situation, but this crisis afects a big part of Europa and except Greece everyone found a solution. The I ask myself, why don't you find any solutions?

I think that the best solution is have a better control of all the politics ans stop the corruption, and with rhis money yo can invest in two of the structures od our society, Health and Education.

your sincerely

Marcel Kotthaus

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What money can't buy.

A few days ago we watch the talk of Michael Sandel about what money can't buy. My first impression was not so good because i though that this could be the same boring and dificult talks that nobody understands. Mr. Sandel  is a professor of politics at Harvard, and is one of the best known public intellectuals in America.

In his talk he explain us the importance of money in the currently society and that everything could be bought. To explain this he put the example of the students that receive money for every book they read. I think that this is not good, because the teachers make a business with the students, and they don't study for everyone. You can't pay somenone to read a book, or for do the homeworks, because the students forget the real goals of the studies and only see a business. Defenitely the talk of Mr. Sandel make us think of the limit of money in our society, a very interesting and discuss theme.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

NEW: chocolate is good for your heart

A study carried out in Germany has found that chocolate may be good for your heart. This is fantastic news for all chocolate lovers. The extensive research was conducted over eight years. The research team followed the chocolate-eating habits and health of almost 20,000 people.

The German study showed that people who ate the most chocolate (at least one bar per week) reduced their risk of having a heart attack by 27 per cent. 

Great new for all the chocolate lovers! I'm always surprise with all the studies that they scientists perform. I think that maybe chocolate is not bad for our heart, but it's not So good for our health, with that I mean that we can eat chocolate but not to much, because all in excess could be danger for us. 

NEW: Cut music to an hour a day

The World Health Organisation is worried that 1.1 billion teenagers and people in their twenties and early thirties are damaging their hearing by listening to loud music.It says nearly half the young people in middle- and high-income countries risk hearing loss because of the "unsafe use" of personal music players, including smartphones.

Dr Krug said keeping the volume down and limiting the use of personal audio devices to less than one hour a day would save a lot of people's hearing. However, he also said that, "even an hour can be too much if the volume is too loud".

After that new, I keep the volum down if I listen music, because it can affect my health. But Currently some smartphones tell you with a message if you listen the music to loud, and they recomended a ideal volume to listen music.

NEW: Paris declares war on the sticks of selfies

The sticks of selfies are everywhere. The French capital has decided to ban it in different places in the city and especially several museums, including the Louvre. It is seen that the decision was for security reasons, with the risk that carelessness can cause broken figures, shattering a porcelain vase, a sculpture or throw away the eye of another visitor.

I sincerely believe that this safety action is too exaggerated, because the using of this sticks can't be danger in my opinion, maybe in a possible situation it colud hapen and this would be a very big tragedy for the cultural area, because imagine that you break the picure of the Monalisa from Da Vinci. 

When we think about it, if this happens they would be a big scanddal, and to avoid it they forbid the using of this sticks in the museums.


8 things we all do when we have to study and do not feel like ...

1. Feel like all those things you never feel like doing; clean the room, folding clothes you have lying within the cabinet, order shoes ...

2. You look at the phone every three minutes ...

3. You realize that Twitter is amazing and all the tweets you seem super interesting ...

4. You begin to calculate how long you need to study, "If I have to read 100 pages and read one every two minutes, I'll finish studying at the ..."

5. You order your desktop and everything you need: Pens, papers, notes, notebooks ...

6. You become the new Dalí making millions of doodles in the margins of the notes and books ...

7. Visits the fridge every 10 minutes ...

8. Looking desperately yours classmates who tell you to wear it worse than you ...


In our daily life we have problems and worries, but we must life with they. The life is not a bed of roses, it's hard but sometimes we must forget all the negative facts in our life and only focus the positive, for example remember good memories, stay with the family and try to find the bright side of things. Sometimes we must accept our situation and fight with our worries and problems.

In our life the hapiness is the best feeling that we could have, and I thing that this quotes describe exactly the concept of hapiness, because problems always exist, and that doesn't means that we can't be happy. That is the reason why we must fight for our life.

Life is definitely set goals and to reach them there will always be difficulties and problems and if we don't fight them, we will never achieve happiness.

NEW: automaker produce cars of the future

Automakers around the world are planning to make cars that are smaller, use up less fuel and do not damage our environment. At auto shows around the globe car producers are presenting what they have in mind.

Carmakers are also spending money on research to make alternative-fuel cars. Maybe one day, most of us will drive biodiesel, hydrogen, or solar-powered cars.

Currently the technology evolves very fast, and I think that if the automakers use it for create this ecology cars, they can help a lot in the economy of the consumers, and also respect the enviroment.  This a fact that we must have present in our daily life. I think that if they can apply this tecnology in the cars the also can use this technology in other transports, for example the planes.

Friday, March 13, 2015

NEW: Sportswear maker accused of sexism

An Indonesian sportswear manufacturer has had to apologise for a label on its merchandise that people deemed to be sexist. The label appeared on the shirts of one of the country's top football clubs, Super League team Pusamania Borneo. It read: "Washing instructions: Give this shirt to a woman. It's her job."

The company was quick to offer an apology and said it did not mean to denigrate women.

It's very sad for me see this types of news in the 21 century, because when you think that womans became equality in the society appears all this news. It's very primitive have this mentality, because nowadays the womens study and work in the same areas that mans, and for this reason they need a respect.

NEW: 30 million people invited to read books

The co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has launched what could be the world's largest ever book club. Zuckerberg announced last week that his New Year's resolution was to read a book every other week.

He then invited his 30 million followers to join him in his literary pursuit. He created his own Facebook page called A Year of Books, on which he will announce what his latest read is and ask people to discuss the book with him.

I think it's a very nice action from Zuckerberg because it's a cultural fact, and when  public figures use they power about they followers to expand the pleasure of reading I find that it's amazing. Because he motivate peolple to discuss about the books with him.


Now we're at the end of the second turn, I can't more. I need Hollidays, and the next break in batxillerat is easter, I don't know if I travel Somewhere.  But now when I'm stressed with all, I just close my eyes and imagine a beautiful place, away from all my problems and concerns.

It's rarely but this place that I imagine always change, it depends of my feelings, sometimes I imagine sunny and warm day in a beautiful island with white sand and clear whater. Another landscape  I also imagine is a snowy forrest, now you can see that it's completely the opposite of the first one. Maybe if I'm in stress I prefer the caribian island and when I'm sad I prefer the winter landscape, because when I see snow I think about my family and Germany, and this makes me fell a little bit better.

Now I prefer the island, and you?



Some weeks ago, the expected film adaption from the first book of  E.L. James arrives to the cinemas around the world. The story of Anastasia and Cristian Grey caused much controversy, for some people the film was great and for other people the film adaptation was disappointing. 

I'm in the group of the "likers", because I think that if we forget for a moment the sadomasochism, we can see a very interesting love story between Ana & Cristian, maybe it's not the typical one, yet this is exactly the special thing of this film, because the make a big revolution int the romantic area. This special love story has a big evolution in the next two parts, and the sadomasochism lose some importance.

Definitely 50 shades of grey is one of that films that your never forget, because they broke with all the typical romantic films yet the essence of love is also manifested.


Few days ago our English teachers decide to make a skype connection with an ex student of the school. This student was Noa, they chose her because she makes a gap year in Australia.

First Noa explain us her daily life, and her job, then she explain us a little bit of Australia and her likes and dislikes. After that began our questions time , we make some groups and every group makes her questions  about her Gap year.

After we spoke with Noa, I could see that she improves a lot her English level and pronunciation, and that makes me think about a possible Gap year in London.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


A soul mate is that person that makes you alive, happy, sad and a lot of other feelings. My soul mate has to be diferent, I like this type of girls that are not typical one, I need a diferent person next to me. I don't have a fixed ideal of beauty, because the fisical  part, it's not important for me, because if I like her character, the oder things are not important.

My soul mate has to accept  my positive and negative things, because if she really love my, she has to accept me. Nobody can change me, and this is a really important fact in my life.

Definitely my soul mate has to be my friend,part of my life and I very funny and happy person. Maybe the relationschip would be better if we have the same hobbies, because if she is exactly the oposite of me, me could have some problems in our daily lifestyle. Yet if your Are tottaly in love with that person you can accept they hobbies and stabblish a type of conection with you.

Friday, February 27, 2015


What is behind a family tree? 

My research paper is based on  a the family geneology and it's divided into three parts. First I researched a family history of the paternal and the maternal part, and develop a study  of the immigration of my family searching all the surnames around the world. In the second part I wrote some biographies about famous people of my family, and I dedicated the last part of my research paper to the german culture, because geneology is embedded in the culture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's Internet a enemy or a help for the current society?
The using of tecnologies and Internet has increased a lot in the last few years and make a very great evolution in the quality, the system...This makes that we introduce more and more this tecnology in our daily life. Maybe this tecnology are always helpful but we have to be careful with the excess using of all of that.

The fact that becomes more danger is our health, because all this wireless, bluetooth... change all our natural body system, a clear example of this change is the Insomnia and this affects our feelings,emotional situation, attention and concentration.

Besides we have to recognize that Internet makes our lifes easier and gives us a lot of possibilities, with social networks, dictionaries,blogs... of a lot differents themes.In addition, Internet gives us a way to share our opinions or dislikes.

Definitely Internet can be very helpful for society, yet I think that we have to reduce a little bit all the tecnologies since the most important value that we have is our health. Internet is maybe a solution for some problems and can be helpful but we don't have to forget to life our live.