Friday, February 27, 2015


What is behind a family tree? 

My research paper is based on  a the family geneology and it's divided into three parts. First I researched a family history of the paternal and the maternal part, and develop a study  of the immigration of my family searching all the surnames around the world. In the second part I wrote some biographies about famous people of my family, and I dedicated the last part of my research paper to the german culture, because geneology is embedded in the culture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's Internet a enemy or a help for the current society?
The using of tecnologies and Internet has increased a lot in the last few years and make a very great evolution in the quality, the system...This makes that we introduce more and more this tecnology in our daily life. Maybe this tecnology are always helpful but we have to be careful with the excess using of all of that.

The fact that becomes more danger is our health, because all this wireless, bluetooth... change all our natural body system, a clear example of this change is the Insomnia and this affects our feelings,emotional situation, attention and concentration.

Besides we have to recognize that Internet makes our lifes easier and gives us a lot of possibilities, with social networks, dictionaries,blogs... of a lot differents themes.In addition, Internet gives us a way to share our opinions or dislikes.

Definitely Internet can be very helpful for society, yet I think that we have to reduce a little bit all the tecnologies since the most important value that we have is our health. Internet is maybe a solution for some problems and can be helpful but we don't have to forget to life our live.