Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Carrer Carribob nº12
Castelló d'Empúries
Girona 17486
20 th April 2015

Mariano Rajoy
Complejo de la Moncloa
28071 Madrid

Dear president Rajoy,

I'am writting to inform you of the bad situation of two of our Human Rights, Health an Education. I know that the economy situation Nowadays in Spain it's not in a very good moment, but I think that it's to highlight these two rights since they are symbols of prosperity an evolution.

This problem began in 2010 with the economical crisis, this worsened of the spanish situation, but this crisis afects a big part of Europa and except Greece everyone found a solution. The I ask myself, why don't you find any solutions?

I think that the best solution is have a better control of all the politics ans stop the corruption, and with rhis money yo can invest in two of the structures od our society, Health and Education.

your sincerely

Marcel Kotthaus

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What money can't buy.

A few days ago we watch the talk of Michael Sandel about what money can't buy. My first impression was not so good because i though that this could be the same boring and dificult talks that nobody understands. Mr. Sandel  is a professor of politics at Harvard, and is one of the best known public intellectuals in America.

In his talk he explain us the importance of money in the currently society and that everything could be bought. To explain this he put the example of the students that receive money for every book they read. I think that this is not good, because the teachers make a business with the students, and they don't study for everyone. You can't pay somenone to read a book, or for do the homeworks, because the students forget the real goals of the studies and only see a business. Defenitely the talk of Mr. Sandel make us think of the limit of money in our society, a very interesting and discuss theme.