Saturday, May 9, 2015

A detained in Indonesia for smuggling cockatoos that got into plastic bottles.

The Indonesian police have arrested a man suspected of smuggling of wildlife species. Agents found in his bag more than a dozen birds of an endangered species and were stuffed in plastic bottles, which he carried in his luggage.

The man of  37 years, was arrested when he landed in Surabaya, the second largest city of the Indonesian islands, on the island of Java. Birds, alive were hiding inside their bags, while stuffed into plastic bottles, as explained as the head of the criminal brigade, Aldy Sulaiman, told Time.

Photographs provided by the police show various birds almost suffocated trying to survive in a small space of plastic bottles.

The detainee was responsible for the trade in birds and to implement the system of drilling dramatic water bottles by the base and enter inside the birds for subsequent transfer by sea and illegal sale.

This new is a clear example of what  humans do for money, they use poor animals to sale they and take benefits. The sale progress is not the baddest thing in all that theme, the really hard fact is how they trasnport these animals, they put it into bottles, this is a very macabre and a clear situation of animal abuse. The only positive part of that is that every bird has survive, and the men is detained.

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