Monday, May 4, 2015

Can we live without mobile phones? Are we too dependent on them?

In the current society we use mobile phones every day, they are present all the time in our life. This constant using of mobile phones is the result of the technology evolution in this area. Few years ago the only use of them was call and message, but nowadays they cand do more: they can connect with our social networks, we can download a big diversity of apps, and a lot of other things. All this increase the using of phones and create an obsession, Nomophobia.

Live without mobile phones in the currently society is impossible because you need it gor your job, to be connected and for form part of the evolution of technology, in contrat if we were in another country without technology I think that we could live perfectly without mobile phones because nobody has one.

Defenitely, the using of mobile phones is related with the location and country you live, because if you live in a modern and prosperty land or city you probaly use more technology that a person that lives in a poor village.

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