Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'ts the final countdown!!

We arrive now at the final stage of our batxillerat studies, after hard working we are at the end of our journey. After Batxillerat we see and meet the real life, That possible scare everyone because it's absolutely a change in our daily life. Now it's the moment to make us the question, and now what? This question is normal in this moments of our life because we are acusstomed to follow some rules and guidelines.

Some people have clear ideas what they would do and  already make all the planes of they future, this are the minority. Most of the students decide what they woul do in the last moment, and this could have a bad end.

To be happy in our life we must follow our espectation and dreams, this can be difficult but the reward of it,is what we must have be present in that moments when we are lost in our life, we must fight for our life!

3....2.....1......our life begin now!!!

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