Sunday, May 17, 2015

My english progress from 2013-2015

When I compare the first writing with the last one I  see a lot of changes and I clear evolution. I see that I use better the grammar and the strucuture of my writings. Now I must improve and change the conectors since I use to much the typical one (but, because...) In this year I see a good evolution because I improve and boost my self confident and this is absolutely important.

A typical wrog think in my writing was the begining of the opinion writings (my opinion is... and now i begin with some questions or a little introduction)

In my oral presentation I also improve, I can see a better pronunciation and I became more safetY, but I also must improve my body language because I touch a lot my hair and my clothes.

Another important fact is my personal development, I can see that I boost my safety and I use a better and clear structure and organize better the content.

Now it's time to begin a new stage in my life and I must work hard in my English because it's absolutely important for my future, the best way is read books and whatch films and series. It's funny look this three years in this blog and how my English has change in this years.

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