Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Pink Tide' against breast cancer

"Today the girls earn 'was what was read on the shirts of all women today running 7.2 kilometers in a maximum time of 1h 45m. 32,000 have been women who have participated in the race, one of the most important women's events in Europe and the popular race with more participation after the San Silvestre Vallecana.
The output was produced at 9: 00h from the Paseo de Moret and ended on Paseo de Camoes.

The Career of Women collaborates with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Of all registrations a donation to fight breast cancer is made.

I think that this type of events are very important to share the problems of cancer and how many womans are affected of this desease and die every year. Also this events gives power to the womans that are in this situation, and of course the importance of doing exercise.

Another important fact in this type of events are the donation that help in the investigation of breast cancer.

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