Sunday, May 10, 2015

Zara clothing removed for being sexist

They have already withdrawn two baby bodys from Zara stores for wearing sexist messages prints.

The child's body is blue and is the 'cool and smart' message and the body of girl pink is the 'beautiful and perfect' message. The Andalusian Centre of Non-Sexist Advertising has filed a complaint because "the design of these bodys company Zara is sexist because while the girl must look 'beautiful' the boy is 'intelligence'."

It's bad but this New is a clear example of the sexist ideas that are present in the currently society. I think that this messages in the bodys is a example for the little genaration to be sexist and dicriminate the womans. The best solution is denounce Zara because is a shame that nowadays in 21 century this happends.

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